Do you enjoy taking photographs? Are you the kind of person who brings the camera everywhere you go? Do you never miss an opportunity to take a picture?

If you carry some kind of skill at camera work and love doing it, then you have a marvelous opportunity in front of you if you wish to take it. There are many people who have taken an enjoyable hobby and turned it into a thriving business. There are others who have simply made a lot of extra cash doing something they would have been doing anyway, pay or not.

What about you? If photography is your hobby, your passion, what about exploring the numerous openings out there for good photographic work? People love pictures and virtually any occasion for picture taking is an opportunity for the photographer to earn some extra money.

Cameras are so sophisticated today; you don’t even have to be an expert at picture taking just be able to read and follow directions. If you have the motivation, this is an area that has plenty of room for new blood. Your advantage over professional photographers is that you can charge a

lot less and still produce the quality pictures your client will love. At the same time, you can save that individual a considerable amount of money for a fabulous result. What could be better than that? If you organize your time well, you can spend some nights and especially weekends seeing a lengthy number of clients. It would not be unusual to earn more in your spare time with photography than you do in your regular job. That could be an indication that you are in the wrong

profession! Whether it’s weddings, portraits, models, greeting cards, newspapers,

aerial photography or some other form of photography, the opportunities abound for the person willing to give it a try. Photography is here to stay. Even as people cut back during tougher

financial times, the desire for photos reasonably priced is, and always will be, there. Yes, there is competition, but if you expand your natural market of family and friends, there are plenty of jobs to go around. You’ll probably even find a certain type of photography that you like best

and gravitate towards that almost exclusively. Who knows what could happen once you launch your business? Books are published annually in the thousands, many of which have a

demand for photographs, even if it’s only of the author on the back cover. There are specialty books that are produced consisting almost exclusively of photographs and designed for the coffee table. How about local businesses? They may be doing a sales Photography

piece which requires a photograph. An insurance plan that’s intended to be used as a savings vehicle for a child’s college education likely needs a photo of a child or a teen in a cap and gown for its cover. These types of possibilities are limitless. The more versatile your photography exhibits, the better chance you have of making a good living. A lot of photography is seasonal, thus your ability and willingness to do all aspects of photography gives you

year-round possibilities. While you may have no weddings to shoot in November and December, you could be filming portraits for holiday gifts and cards. The important thing for you is to set a goal and stay with it. You might want to start out small and work your way up to more and more types of photography and longer hours. You don’t need very expensive equipment to get started. Some great shots can be achieved by a regular camera you can purchase in a retail store. Add a tripod and maybe a spotlight for certain shots and you’re in business. A camera is one of the best ways to earn some extra money for yourself or to transport you from active hobbyist to legitimate businessperson. The key is your desire to get the job done.

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