Green Screen Photography

Green Screens have a mixed opinion in the career of photography. Green screen allows photographers to create images to put behind their models or their event. Green screen is great to use for events for several reasons. You may want to have an exotic background and can’t travel to the area you want. All you have to do is get a green screen behind you and Bam! You’re there! If you have a dedicated studio, maybe in your home or office you are already almost there for your event or photo shoot. And not to forget to mention the amount of money you save by using a green screen verses securing a location. There is no need to travel to a location, nor the need to purchase multiple photography backdrops. One green backdrop is all you will need.

 With the world transitioning into technology, Photography has started going digital as well. Taking photos with Green Screen saves you a lot of time. There is no packing up backdrops and equipment to move on location. There is also no worry about what the weather is going to be like or if your desired location will be available for your photo shoot. Also, you have an option of unlimited amount of backgrounds. There are thousands of digital backdrops to choose from. Images of beaches, mountains, cityscapes, or whatever image you choose can be used as a digital background. These images are inserted in the photo in place of the green screen backdrop.

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