How To Price Photography?

    In my opinion, If you want to make a living as a photographer, its more important than the latest pose or professional photography software. Pricing photography is one of the most difficult tasks of a professional photographer must endure. If your price is too high, you might lose a great opportunity. If it’s too low, you can leave money on the table. The worst case is if you regularly accept and complete photography jobs below your cost of doing business, you will go out of business.

You have you think about many aspects when you go to price photography. You need to add in the amount that you charge for your time, travel expenses, how much it will cost if printing the photos, equipment costs, and if you need to add attire to the list. One of the biggest struggles a photographer faces is to understand the value of their work and copyright. Here are two basic facts to consider: No one has your eye and, If your copyright isn’t valuable, then why are others who would take your work trying so hard to get it?

If someone does not have time or the skill to create a needed image, your ability to create such an image is valuable to that person. If a company wants your copyright, this means ownership of your image has value to them. Your time is valuable, your expertise has value, and your experience as a person and photographer add to the equation. If you want to make a living as a photographer, you must charge enough to keep yourself in business.

The reality is that photographers don’t work a normal 40-hour work week.  A full-time Independent photographer is a contractor who needs to pay for her on and off-camera time and expenses. Photography equipment is not cheap. Cameras, lighting, support equipment and software must be upgraded regularly. Professionals also invest at a high level in their portfolios and marketing to find you.

It’s more than having a camera and clicking the shutter. Most people don’t see all the work that goes into the post-production process. This is the time after the creation of your images. Editing and post-production can take hours. The cost for this time must be covered as part of the photography fee, and is often included in the price of your session. There are many facts that go into paying to have your picture taken or you are paying for a valuable canvas print.




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